Fourth of July

Scott Remer, Spring 2015

By: Scott Remer, PC ’16, for the Spring 2015 Issue (PDF version)

Rasp of grass against
legs made weary by waiting,
sitting idle among leaves and trees.
The insistent jingle of the ice cream truck,
the murmur of the peapods of people low,
a polyphony,
like the music of those spheres we drop into the sky,
explosive pebbles in an infinite pond, the Atlantic and Pacific wrapped into one
cerulean skyscape, a prairie of the air.

This is who we are:
the crowds whistling in awe and admiration;
the sparkle that lights the dark,
defiant, delighting in the enlightenment of the night;
the children clamoring,
the patter of applause,
the glowing strawberry seed pinpoints
the peacock’s feather starbursts
the rumble and the roar,
hearts beating in this hypaethral cathedral,