In Solidarity

Margins Staff, Online Article

By: Margins Staff (online article)

In light of recent events that have exposed the appalling reality of racism and marginalization at Yale, Margins stands in solidarity with the voices of students of color on our campus, particularly those of women. We could not express any message of outrage, pain, or resilience more powerfully than our classmates, colleagues, and friends have done already, nor could we more urgently emphasize the need for action on part of both Yale’s student body and its administration. The Christakis’ dismissal of marginalized identities and SAE’s racist, misogynistic door policies only hint at the underreported ways in which our community and culture perpetuate violence against our fellow students. For those who have not suffered in this way, complacency is unacceptable; to turn the other cheek is to be complicit. As a publication dedicated to envisioning and realizing justice, Margins must explicitly address the historical structures of racial oppression that continue to plague our society today. We recognize that we have not done enough in solidarity with our fellow students and affirm that, in the future, ours must be a platform for voices that have been silenced, as they have been and continue to be at Yale and everywhere. Leftism calls for action, community, and love. Our hearts are with all those who are hurting and healing during this time.